In need of a stunning app for festivals, events or artists? We know how much goes on behind the scenes to put on a music festival, a community event or a corporate exhibition, so we wanted to ensure we could remove all the hassle for you in creating a smartphone or tablet app.

Our apps run on iPhone, Android and Windows phones, enabling festival-goers, delegates and fans to connect seamlessly. Display artists, schedule in your favourite sets with timetables, find your way with the event map, share photos, connect to social media pages and more.

Take it one step further and sell tickets through your app, send patrons push notifications or have them leave reviews for you to build upon next year.

Event apps are one of our most cost effective products on offer. As most events require the basic foundations of artists/presenters, timetable, map and social links, it allows us to adapt our existing architecture to suit your needs – meaning we can get your app out quickly, and keep development costs down.

However, if you have thought up a completely undiscovered gem of a feature, let us know and we can customize your smartphone or tablet app to your heart’s content.