We have a hunger for new ideas and love working alongside creative minds.

Mobile apps have created the opportunity for a whole raft of innovative startups to create global businesses that no one would have imagined to be possible as little as a few years ago.

These startup apps have changed the way we communicate, catch a cab, share photos, listen to music, watch movies and do business. Creating a startup mobile app business is exciting, challenging, ground breaking and a lot of hard work.

The problem is that not everyone who has a brilliant idea for a mobile app has the technical ability to develop it. If you are a non-technical founder then Applabs is the perfect partner for your startup app business.

We work with startups right through from the initial planning and concept development, through to launching and marketing your mobile app. Applabs can also provide advice and support on raising capital (we even offer app financing – check the FAQ’s), R&D Tax Concessions, IP Protection and anything else you need to know to launch a successful mobile app business.

With our experience in developing and launching successful mobile apps for startups we can provide all the resources you need and help you to avoid the pitfalls common to tech startups. By partnering with Applabs you will give your mobile app business every possible chance to successfully take over the world.

Check out our portfolio for examples of the cool startup mobile apps we have developed.