Adobe: Outperforms rivals

As we are a tech company, creativity is the core of what we do and the drive for our business success.

Without the creative minds of our designers and the passion of our team, we would not be able to create and deliver such stunning and quality apps.

Adobe and Forrester recently conducted a study to see if creativity drives business results:
the verdict is in – ‘Companies that encourage creative perspectives, practices and culture outperform in both revenue and market share.’

Adobe: 82%

Adobe: 1.5 to 1

Adobe: 69%

There’s some great statistics to check out, but like Adobe said, to put simply:

Creativity is good business and ultimately drives productivity and efficiency.

Great insights shared by Adobe and we couldn’t agree more. If you’re interested in reading the rest of the article, check it out here.

– What creative practices are implemented at your workplace? Share your thoughts with us! –

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