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When the name Jessica Alba pops up, we tend to think of her as the beautiful Hollywood actress, not kick ass entrepreneur and founder of The Honest Company that made $150 million in revenue in 2014.

Jessica Alba and The Honest Co. is someone and something you want to keep your eye on. We at Applabs love entrepreneurs. We meet with and work with entrepreneurs every day. They are always passionate, creative and full of ideas on how to make their product/brand better.

A self-proclaimed ‘dreamer’, Alba dreamed of products that would be safe for her babies as well as herself, when the products that claimed to be baby-safe caused her to break out in rashes. She knew if she broke out in rashes, it would not be safe for her babies. After searching and sourcing many products that claim to be non-toxic, Alba knew that she discovered a niche market where safe, non-toxic household and baby products were lacking and thus, The Honest Co. was born.

It is not to say that the Hollywood star had a smooth sailing journey – all entrepreneurs hit brick walls. That is how they pick themselves up, refine their idea, create a better prototype, and improve, improve, improve. Alba had many skeptics turn her idea down, but her persistence and will to make her dream turn into reality is what makes The Honest Co. a game changer. Many told her to just start a perfume line – but Alba was determined to have safe household and baby products in the market not just for her family, but for everyone else too. It took her almost 3 years to find the right co-founders that saw the same vision that she did – people who are crucial to the success of The Honest Co. today.

Jessica Alba’s story has sparked a lot of interest as the excitement of a celebrity start up usually dies down, but The Honest Co. has continued to grow steadily and have now raised $70 million as they’re about to take the company public.  According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is valued at just under $1 billion. We are definitely impressed with Alba’s drive and spirit to chase her dream of providing a healthy, safe and non-toxic option for parents, babies and families.

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