Intuitive, compelling, conversion-focused design doesn’t just happen by accident. Our content architects use insights uncovered by our digital marketing strategy to refine sitemaps and build the most intuitive, clean user experiences. We also do standard stuff like logos, branding and other design work.

Logo Design

We pride ourselves on creating unique and timeless identities for your company. Whether you’re a startup creating a brand from scratch, a corner-store needing a refresh, or a large corporation seeking to target new customers, our design-craftsmen will meticulously sculpt logo that visually talks to the right people, in the right way.

Branding Design

At Applabs, we partner with clients to understand their business, identify what makes them unique and bring the vision to life through inventive, timeless solutions. We believe in asking the right questions, instead of knowing all the answers. If you need assistance with naming, logos, stationery, online advertising design, style guides, investment decks, t-shirts, presentations, pens, etc – you name it and we can create it.

Prototypes & Conceptual Designs

With the vast majority of clients we work with, we will usually craft wireframes or high-fidelity prototypes prior to delving into the juicier work. This allows us and the client to know we’re on the same page and weed out any issues from the get-go. Wireframes and prototypes also prove their worth when clients use them to pitch to investors, helping to illustrate their idea in a more complete and professional way.

User Interface Design

Our UI and UX architects carefully construct your content through layout, design, imagery, typography and colour to make the user experience as simple and efficient as possible. A good user interface should feel right to the person using your app or website. We’ll ensure things like usability, accessibility, visibility and legibility among others, are meticulously planned to offer impeccable user-centred design solutions.